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The Slutty Little Mermaid debut of Rachel Green


Rachel Green and I met almost five years ago in a stand-up comedy workshop. Since then, we have created Venus Fly Trap, a sex-positive comedy show with a home base in New York City, but she's a slutty little production so she gets around to different cities all over the world. I'm so excited for Rachel's music video debut: a parody of Part of Your World. Rachel took some time between orgies to chat about this new collaboration with The Stripper Project and a bunch of sex toys:

Rachel Green photo by The Stripper Project

Rachel Green photo by The Stripper Project

What was the inspiration behind this project?

The Slutty Little Mermaid is a horny girl, and she's dreaming of fulfilling all her fantasies. She came to me when I was laying on the nude beach - my natural habitat - looking out at the ocean, and Part of Your World came into my head. I thought “gadgets and gizmos?” Sounds like a song about sex toys! Maybe I should write it. And so I did.

What was your relationship to The Little Mermaid when you were a kid?

It was definitely one of my favorite Disney movies as a child. I’ve always loved the beach and the ocean (I'm a Cancer) and wondered what that world was like. Even though Ariel wanted to be part of this world, I always wanted to be part of hers! I mean the outfits alone make me question giving up my pussy for a sparkly scaly fin! Kidding I would never do that. I didn't find out about the hidden dicks in the animation until I got older.

What do you love about the intersection of sex and comedy?

Sex is hilarious. The sounds, the clumsy moments, the sweat in your eyes (and mouth and nose when it’s really hot). Sex is fun and we shouldn't be afraid to talk about it. My jokes bring levity to a subject a lot of people are ashamed to approach, which makes them easier to talk about. Plus, I have too many interesting stories not to share.

If you could attend a sex party with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would they be?

Gianna Michaels. She laughs in all of her porns, I love that. She is so talented. What a classy cunt.

Tell me about your first amazing experience at a sex party

My first sex party was like a slutty rave. They gave you a satchel upon entry - with condoms, lube and mints. So classy! Everyone was beautiful and flirty. I ended up on this sort of lazy susan of a spinning couch. Next thing I knew I was the spice rack! I was laid out, spread eagle, with a hot couple going down on me, one friend kissing me and several others massaging me. I was hooked.

Rachel Green by The Stripper Project

Rachel Green by The Stripper Project

What advice do you have for aspiring sluts who may feel a little shy about attending a sex party?

Do your research. Go to one that is recommended, and go with a friend. Take the time you need to get ready, and put on whatever makes you feel sexy. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. And, if you're not ready to jump in cunt-first, remember that voyeurism is participation!

Part of Your World: The Parody debuts Tuesday August 20 at Crystal Lake in Brooklyn. Don’t miss out on this epic show of funny and feminist sluts! GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

Ashley Neal: Real-Life Stripper Turned Hollywood Hustler


I met Ashley Neal (@ohmadisonn) on set of Hustlers earlier this spring. When we first met, I was immediately drawn to her understated confidence, warmth and playfulness that had me so perfectly at ease when I was otherwise kind of stressed out, on my first movie set, trying to do the best work I was learning to do on the fly. But Ashley and I got to talking, and sure enough, she's a real-life stripper and was using her real-life stripper charm to bring some glitter zen to set. Splitting her time between Miami and New York, Ashley took a moment to chat with me about how she got involved in the movie, and how her real-life experience as a stripper helped her secure the role of Georgia. 

Ashley Neal in the PAY MY RENT crop top from

Ashley Neal in the PAY MY RENT crop top from

How did you get cast for Hustlers?

I noticed the movie sign-up sheet in the locker room at the club one night. I didn’t expect much out of it, because the simplicity of the sign reminded me of a posting for a  middle school talent show. I put down my name anyway, even if it was just for the chance to be on set. When I went to the audition earlier this winter, I told the casting agents I was wearing my waist trainer to help me stay warm and snatched. I believe that’s what sold them. 

Tell me about your character, Georgia:

Georgia is a fiery sex worker from Craigslist. She has amazing fashion sense, and isn't afraid of doing the dirty work. I understood Georgia because I understand what it's like to be in this industry. Normal people do not understand the behind-the-scenes of what sex work is really like. They don’t know about house fees, house moms, management and all that shit. Also, this film is literally shot in the same place, on the same stage where I earn my fucking living! How real is that?! 

How does it feel to be a real-life stripper playing a Hollywood stripper? 

I am so proud of myself. Stripping was the best choice I ever made. I know I can work in any city, I know men are boys in big pants, I know the value of pussy is endless and eternal. Stripping taught me to be confident, manipulative, and quick-witted. I learned how to look deeper into, analyze, and unpack social situations. They say the job is 90% rejection, so if you want to succeed you need to drop the ego. The strip club is a very primal environment. It's a science that I love so study. 

What makes you really fucking good at your job? 

I'm very charming, I know a few pole tricks, and I ask a lot of questions. It's the perfect cocktail to get into this line of work. But I'm also a dedicated student: when I began to read about the work and the hustle, my life changed. Something I've really worked on is my listening skills. Most of sw is just listening. Books like Ho Tactics and The Art of Seduction helped me understand why a customer just said something, or what he’s projecting onto you. That's the stuff that helps you keep it professional and close the sale. 

What do you wish for other strippers of the world? 

Let us all tackle classism among sex workers. Stand tall, support everyone, and do not back down. I'm wishing a money shower on everyone RIGHT NOW!!