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Introducing the TIRED SLUT collection


I’m so stoked to announce the TIRED SLUT collection, where half of profits will go towards SWOP Behind Bars and Lysistrata, two organizations that provide resources and support for incarcerated sex workers and marginalized sex workers in crisis.

If you’re thinking “I don’t know any sex workers,” think again. Odds are you know a sex-working person. But maybe they haven’t told you because they don’t feel like it would be safe to share that information with you.

Imagine not being able to tell people you love how you make a living? Sex work is so much fucking work because of the alibis we have to craft just to keep ourselves from having our kids taken away or our hard-earned money seized.

For every out SW on Instagram there are thousands of folks just hustling to make a living without a social media account because having one would be criminalizing.

So instead of imagining sex workers as faceless women in black patent pumps on a slick sidewalk, ask why someone you love wouldn’t feel safe sharing that information with you? What sort of prejudices might you harbor that keeps you from connecting with others?

Someone you love is a sex worker, so we need you to be louder about how you care.

When you purchase something from the #TiredSlut collection, 50% of profits from each sale will go to SWOP Behind Bars and Lysistrata.




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When I took women’s studies, it was all this really dense reading about subjects I had such a hard time relating to. Although I can appreciate those texts now, I still wanted more than anything to be consuming fun and accessible media that I could identify with. Why did feminism have to feel like such a heady topic, when it is, in fact, for everyone? (love you @bellhooks_)

I always felt like after becoming a stripper, academia would be something forever in my past, but I’m so stoked that it’s not. I’m stoked that academic institutions are changing and gender studies is making sure it not only talks the talk of intersectionality, but that it also walks the walk.

I’ve had the privilege to speak at many universities across the country, and cannot wait for my talk tomorrow at UT Knoxville for Sex Week.

So anyway this is my #glowup / #10yearchallenge post because fuck yes / go me.

And YES I would LOVE to come and speak at your college/university/family picnic, feel free to send me an email for booking inquiries! info at jacqthestripper dot com.