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Strippers Foreveryone



Someone recently asked “is it inappropriate to wear this if I’ve never been a stripper?”

It’s a perfectly understandable question because in the past I used to make things specifically FOR strippers and had asked that allies purchase different t-shirts or whatever. I don’t feel that way anymore, and everything I make at is for sworkers AND allies.

TIP HER is a sentiment for everyone and I’m not just talking about throwing money at a naked dancing woman (although that is awesome). Tip your barista, tip your nail tech, tip your massage therapist, tip housekeeping, TIP HER. Minimum wage is not a living wage and anyone providing a service deserves gratuity because they did something you didn’t feel like doing yourself❣️

Photo by Rachel Lena Esterline


Introducing the Strippers Forever Activity book!


Happy New Year!

Do you love colouring? Activities? Self-reflection?

You DO?


Well that’s great fucking news because I have something for you that will fill your mind and hands with things to do when you’re bored or mired in self-doubt (I’ve been there. It’s real and totally shitty and self-help books are dope, just saying)

THE STRIPPERS FOREVER ACTIVITY BOOK is here, it’s queer, and free to download.

(print it yourself or doodle with it on your tablet!)

You can also buy the paperback here to stash in your locker for slow nights.

Wishing you all a productive, amusing and life-affirming adventure into the unknown. Fuck it up.

xx Jacq

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