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Introducing the Strippers Forever Activity book!


Happy New Year!

Do you love colouring? Activities? Self-reflection?

You DO?


Well that’s great fucking news because I have something for you that will fill your mind and hands with things to do when you’re bored or mired in self-doubt (I’ve been there. It’s real and totally shitty and self-help books are dope, just saying)

THE STRIPPERS FOREVER ACTIVITY BOOK is here, it’s queer, and free to download.

(print it yourself or doodle with it on your tablet!)

You can also buy the paperback here to stash in your locker for slow nights.

Wishing you all a productive, amusing and life-affirming adventure into the unknown. Fuck it up.

xx Jacq

work wife maze .JPG

Strippers at the Met - Heavenly Bodies


The Happy Sluts are reunited! Valerie Stunning sauntered back to her Jersey roots and I had the privilege of looking at Catholic Guilt with her on the Upper East Side yesterday afternoon. 

Valerie looking irreverent in the  StrippersForever SLUT LOVE hat

Valerie looking irreverent in the StrippersForever SLUT LOVE hat

When it's 3am and your last client wants you to dom him:


When you're ovulating and there is literally not enough of you to go around:


When you retired because you got married, but you really miss giving lap dances: 

IMG_7258 (1).jpg

When you want to wear a leave-me-alone dress, but you're also sporting exceptionally plump period boobs:


When you're pious, but extra:


Someone please explain to me how Catholicism isn't gay af: 

IMG_7244 (1).jpg

Behold, a regular Monday afternoon with Portland's finest and flyest strippers:


And remember sluts: