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Strippers at the Met - Heavenly Bodies


The Happy Sluts are reunited! Valerie Stunning sauntered back to her Jersey roots and I had the privilege of looking at Catholic Guilt with her on the Upper East Side yesterday afternoon. 

Valerie looking irreverent in the  StrippersForever SLUT LOVE hat

Valerie looking irreverent in the StrippersForever SLUT LOVE hat

When it's 3am and your last client wants you to dom him:


When you're ovulating and there is literally not enough of you to go around:


When you retired because you got married, but you really miss giving lap dances: 

IMG_7258 (1).jpg

When you want to wear a leave-me-alone dress, but you're also sporting exceptionally plump period boobs:


When you're pious, but extra:


Someone please explain to me how Catholicism isn't gay af: 

IMG_7244 (1).jpg

Behold, a regular Monday afternoon with Portland's finest and flyest strippers:


And remember sluts: 




Addressing Problematic Elements of The Beaver Show


the beaver show .jpg

The Beaver Show is the memoir I wrote as a baby stripper. It takes place between 2011-2012, and I self-published the title in 2015. A lot has happened since then, which includes but is not limited to my personal beliefs and what I know and understand about sex work. As I was reading it aloud for Audible, I experienced several what-the-actual-fuck moments regarding the things I had written, and, well, it's time to fess up to my ignorance. 

In this video I share how I check myself (and how others check me), while trying to shed some light on the ways I've grown since I first started flashing my gash for cash. 

Wokeness is a journey and I thank you all for your support as I learn more and more each day on how to be less of a jerk. Thanks for being patient with me!

xx Jacq