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Inktober! (NSFW)


You guys KNOW how much I love an Instagram hashtag to get my creative juices flowing... lest I remind you that I credit the #100DayProject for singlehandedly turning me into an illustrator. I like simple projects that are quick to produce (being a stripper has made me wildly impatient) and that have a distinct beginning, middle and end. If you ever have an idea for something but don't know where to start, follow a goddamn hashtag movement and give yourself a clear timeline. It might change your life. 

So when I saw people posting things under #Inktober, I sparked up a joint, perused my Tumblr likes (I love tumblr. Mostly because I love 70's softcore porn) and inked whatever the fuck came to mind. Freehand (a new and daunting task for someone who uses quite a lot of pencil. Quite stoked about not being covered in eraser shavings, tho.)

Here is what has come of the first five days of INKTOBER:

October 1 featuring Dianne Moore and vaginal health:

October 2 featuring bush and bonding over accessories ("Thanks! It's a family heirloom.")

October 3 featuring Donna Summer and the crux of all my problems: 

October 4 featuring June Palmer and an idiosyncrasy that I'm quite certain we all share:

October 5 featuring Brenda Sykes and a plea to please get more creative with your outdated pick-up lines:

It doesn't have to be good, fam. You just have to try.