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Introducing: The Happy Sluts


I first met Valerie Stunning working the day shift at a club I've referred to as "Russian Dolls." She glided around the room in a red satin gown, her radiant smiling lighting up the dank basement of a club we had to descend into at 11:30am every weekday morning. 

I watched her hustle the lunch breakers, retirees and tourists, thinking to myself: who is this smiley bitch who's so happy to be here grinding away at the break of fucking dawn?

I had to be friends with her. 

So we started drinking tequila and orange juice for breakfast, learned that we both got our start at the same club on the other side of the world (HAYYYYY Men's Gallery in Sydney WE LOVE YOU SO HARD), and four years, a few cities and several clubs later, we have joined forces to become The Happy Sluts:

We have an insatiable desire to enjoy the lives we have chosen for ourselves: 

We are strippers. 

We are performance artists. 

We are feminists. 

And we are so fucking happy about it.

Starting this summer, The Happy Sluts will be putting on a sideshow with our fellow dope-ass cunts who like money. Stay tuned for a show near you.


Valerie Stunning & Jacq the Stripper