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I was so stoked when I learned that an Oscar statue had been made in the likeness of a stripper! (Shout out to Jane Helpern/stripper-ally-goddess for always letting me know where my culture's being most recently appropriated

But, like all mainstream depictions of strippers, I was quickly disappointed. 

Plastic Jesus makes an Oscar statue every year to point out something shitty about the Hollywood machine. One year it was a statue snorting cocaine, another year it was a statue shooting up heroin. 

So, naturally, this year's statue is a sad, tragic stripper. 

In his explanation of the piece, he takes one GIANT CONDESCENDING DUMP on strippers:

"So many women come to Hollywood chasing a dream to become an actor, a signer or a dancer, and, sadly, due to the lack of opportunities, combined with the high cost of living, they are faced with the reality of having to strip in bars and clubs. It’s the only industry in the world where it is acceptable to strip as an internship. Many even believe that having been a stripper makes you "cooler" once you (hopefully) become famous."

On his website, Plastic Jesus claims to be ethical in the creation of his work and aims to 'shine a small light on the dark corners of society.' Well, if by 'shine a light' you mean 'take a shit' and perpetuate a shitty and dangerous stereotype that a woman who uses her body to earn a living is a shameful tragedy, then well done!

Plastic Jesus, stripping is a job (Also please elaborate on what you mean by 'strip as an internship' because none of us work for free. Or are you unaware of this because you're one of those asshole perverts who comes in to stare and not tip while nursing one Bud Light for six fucking hours?)

Which jobs will you be shitting on next?

Plastic Jesus, your art is part of the problem. Go fuck yourself. 


Jacq the Happy Stripper 

PS - stripping is cool, look the fuck around at all the sold-out $40-a-pop pole classes...  take a gander at fashion week and maybe you're old as fuck, so allow me to educate you: slut-shaming is so passé.