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Strippers at the Reina Sofia Museum


I just had the most wonderful time in Spain with my wife. I didn’t get a sunburn, I didn’t get sick, and I learned new things about myself like 1. I like razor clams, and 2. Napping is a thing I can and should be doing every day.

We tried to cool off by chugging sangria, and when that didn’t work, we went to the perfectly air-conditioned Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. This is what I saw:

What civilians imagine when you tell them you work at a strip club:


When a client asks if he can ‘draw you like one of his French girls ‘ and comes up with this:


When you don’t feel like putting on makeup but rent is due:


When a client insists that all five women dance for him, naked, all at once:


When it’s 6am on a Sunday morning and you’ve been through 14 cycles of bachelor parties but really need new tires on your car:


When you break your Louboutin on a sugar date but don’t fucking care because those motherfuckers are unwalkable contraptions of torture:


What outsiders think the dressing room looks like:


What it actually looks like:


”I’m fine I can totally handle running my own business, being cute and sparkly, staying healthy, balancing my checkbook and dodging stigma while pursuing my Masters and caring for my 2-year-old, this is totally fine”


Go see some art! Museums are air conditioned :) Hope you’re having a pleasurable if not profitable summer!