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Sex Workers March the Women's March


On Tuesday a bunch of strippers met with the SOAR Institute to talk about marching together in the New York City Women's March on Saturday. 


There are a lot of problems that strippers face in New York. The #NYCStripperStrike has brought to our attention the issues facing women of colour in clubs, with shady management practices which the media has sensationalized into a battle between strippers and bartenders (it's part of the problem but it's not THE problem, y'all). The stigma is bullshit and extremely prohibitive, our labor conditions are garbage, and we have to pay so much money just to go to work. The list goes on. 

There is work to be done, folks. And I honestly don't know where or how to begin, but we're going to start by inviting sex workers and allies to march together for sex workers' rights on Saturday. 


Meeting at 10am on Saturday January 20th outside the Diana Ross Playground (81st and Central Park West) Leaving to join the march at 11am. WEAR RED. Not a stripper/sex worker? TOTALLY OK WE WANT AND NEED YOUR DOPE ALLY SELF TO MARCH WITH US.

SOAR was so generous to offer us space, time and art supplies to make signs. If you come out to join us, we will have one for you to carry! Or if you're keen to make your own, here are some ideas:


Be sure to spell check! We had some mistakes (it happens!) and the media fixates on that sorta shit so even if you're feeling confident about your sign, ask your friend/autocorrect if it looks right. 

Hope to see you Saturday!