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Sex Worker Problems Exemplified through Stock Photography


I love stock photography. 

I love it so much that I was actually a stock photo model back in my pre-stripping days when I was living in Thailand working at a dinner theatre restaurant.

Behold, the peak of my modeling career:


Let's explore sex worker conundrums using images crafted by undervalued models who should really be silent film actresses:

When he needs to look at the drink menu because he's fucking twelve and doesn't know whether he wants the lychee martini or the appletini:

stock photo young kid who needs to look at the menu to order a drink.jpg

When he's over 65 so all you gotta do is act excited to see him:

when he's over 65 and all you have to do is act like you're happy to see them.jpg

When he says he loves massaging women, which you KNOW is just an excuse to feel you up, but you give him a chance anyway because your chiropractic deductible is like two thousand fucking dollars and you really are having some tension between your shoulder blades so maybe he can mitigate the pain. He does not:

stock photo back rub .jpg

When you start drama the moment you get into the VIP room so you can argue instead of feeling pressured to put out:

VIP room start drama so you can spend the hour arguing instead .jpeg

When he tells you he doesn't have to pay for a woman to take her clothes off:


When female customers come in to dance:

when customers come in to dance .jpg

Decoding needy clients' text messages:

decoding confusing customer text messages.jpg

In the dressing room teaching the baby stripper the rules of the game:

dressing room teaching baby strippers the game .jpg

When he needs to feel important, successful and in charge because he is not actually important, successful or in charge: