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Behold the delightfully low-budget Strippers Forever FW/17 campaign featuring some of your favourite (and least favourite!) celebrities:

Cardi B and Offset are 😍RELATIONSHIP GOALS 😍


Rashida Jones is sorry for exploiting women to make a documentary about “exploited women.” Here she is looking totes adorbz in the #strippersarepeople t-shirt!


Gloria Steinem is sorry she didn’t think bodily autonomy should extend to people who do sex work. Here she looking fierce in Strippers Are People t-shirt! 


Ashanti is sorry for being whorephobic and classist. Here she is looking hella cute in the Off Duty Stripper tank top!

tempImageForSave (3).jpg

Channing Tatum is sorry not everyone gets to sit on his face. Here he is looking like he’s gonna take my next rent check in the Off Duty Stripper t-shirt!


Hillary Clinton is sorry for not “approving” of folks who support their families with sex work. Here she is looking authentic af in the Medusa Dentata shirt!


Janet Mock is not sorry for being a fucking boss. Here she is being her flawless self in the Off Duty Stripper tee


Amber Rose is too busy to be sorry for anything. Here she is multitasking the fuck outta her day in the Off Duty Stripper tee!


Meryl Streep is sorry for turning the decriminalization of sex work into a Hollywood issue. Here she is learning valuable life lessons from The Beaver Show, available on Amazon and Audible!

meryl streep .jpg

Tina Fey is sorry for projecting all her insecurities about other women onto sex workers. Here she is standing with her own self-worth, devoid of that old urge to put other women down in order to make herself feel bigger in the Stripper Are People t-shirt!


Jane Krakowski isn’t really sure how she feels about being Tina Fey’s hot-girl-punching-bag for the last decade, but here she is glam as always in the Stripper Sisterhood patch.


Anne Hathaway is sorry for winning the Oscar for her nuanced portrayal of a sex worker then turning around and having no understanding or respect for actual sex workers. Here she is looking guilty in the Off Duty Stripper patch.


Kelly Ripa is not sorry that her super hot husband-person was a stripper back in the day. Here they are looking fly as fuck in Strippers Forever swag


Lena Dunham is sorry for too many things to list here, but she vows to try to learn when it’s appropriate to stfu and sit down. Here she is repping her very own copy of Striptastic!