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Bad Books Ltd Interview with Quinn Cornchip and Chelsea Nyegaard


I could not be more stoked about this interview. Quinn Cornchip is the brilliance behind The Church on the Hill and Chelsea Nyegaard is such a righteous talent and I'm so thrilled that she's captured my stripper essence. 


September 4, 2016

We caught up with the illustrious and downright fucking hilarious Jacq the Stripper to discuss sex work, art books, fart fetishes, and the kickstarter for her new project, Striptastic, which you can order now RIGHT HERE.  

First of all, it's a privilege to be asking you these questions, I've been a fan of yours for a minute. Thanks for participating! In case any of our readers are just discovering your work, could you tell us a little about who Jacq the Stripper is and what you do in the world? 

Thank you! I'm Jacq, and I'm a stripper, a comedian, an illustrator and a writer. My mission is to spread the gospel of happy sluts. 

You've said "100 Days of Pleasantries " and "The Beaver Show" were meant to humanize sex work - how have civilians reacted to both? 

I've received a lot of positive feedback from civilians after they read my book and comics... a prevailing theme in the commentary is that I make it accessible, which I think is so rad. I love all the smoke and mirrors of stripping, but I think it's important to break it down for people. To remind them that we are also people, that we work hard, and that the work itself is incredible challenging and nuanced. 

Do you feel like your work is contributing to lifting stigma from "the industry?"

                     I sure as fuck hope so. 

Read the full interview here.