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Interview with VICE


Being a Stripper is Great Material for a Standup Comedian

(it really is) 

Making a stop in my home province of Ontario, I stopped to have a chat with Manisha Krishnan of Vice Canada about flashing my gash for cash.

Photo by  Andy Boyle   for Milk Made. 

Photo by Andy Boyle  for Milk Made. 

Here's an excerpt from the interview! Read it in full here.

While there are lots of things a newbie stripper could potentially stress over, Jacqueline Frances remembers having a singular goal when she first "flashed her gash for cash": not farting in her client's face.
"I am focusing on harnessing all of the energy of the universe to keep myself from blowing gas in the face of a man who whispers to horses and have deemed my vagina the eighth wonder of the world," the 29-year-old writes in her memoir The Beaver Show, for which she's currently doing a book tour. "In the months to come, I will become highly skilled at refraining from farting when putting my body into positions that are emotionally harrowing and also biologically conducive to relieving flatulence."
Frances, aka Jacq the Stripper, is shy about nothing. Sitting at The Beaver in downtown Toronto in leopard print leggings and a loose black shirt, the platinum blonde jumps from discussing body odour to the stigmatization of stripping in the same breath.
After growing up in the suburban town of Caledon, Ontario, Frances studied literature at McGill University, took up an advertising job, hated it, and quit to go travelling.
"I was actually go-go dancing in Thailand... It was super cheesy but it was really fun. I was getting paid to entertain, which I loved," she told VICE prior to her stand-up comedy show last week. "And then I moved to Sydney on a whim, but Sydney is fucking expensive. So it took me like a week or two weeks to just be like 'Fuck this shit, I'm gonna be a stripper.'"
Now based out of Williamsburg (where else?), Frances has more recently added stand-up, writing, and illustrating to her list of credentials. VICE asked her what it's like to be a gay, married stripper; how male clients differ around the world; and if she's gotten more "asshole-confident" over time.

Click here for full interview.