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The Beaver Show Tour Diary: Montreal (Part 2)


I finally found those polaroids of my righteous return to Theatre Sainte Catherine! 

Mal and Rachel hydrated at the bar while we prepared for The Riff. 

I lost my merch sign, so I drew up another one (not that it mattered, no one bought anything). But you know, colouring is fun so I really didn't mind. 

Rachel Greene riffed like a queen about very important topics: 

Afterward, Alain and I riffed together about what it means to be an anarchist stripper. 

He was having a hard time understanding what I do for a living, so, being the writer that I am, rather than tell him, I showed him. 

Montreal is a dream. I forgot that all the good men in my life live there. 

Like, for a moment my misandry receded and I felt sincere love and affection for these wonderful men who don't try to stick their dicks in my ear. 

Alain doesn't know it yet, but he's teaching a de-douchefication improv class at the theatre this summer. SIGN UP NOW SPACE IS LIMITED.