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Hi, Jacq,

I want to be a stripper. My boyfriend doesn't think I can handle it, but since I was in middle school I held boys in the palm of my hand. I know how they work and I always sense their bullshit. My only concern is my dancing skills. I was a cheerleader but everytime I dance sexy for my bf he says "you're almost there."

I feel like my ambition should be enough to get me there and the dancing will follow. If you haven't guessed already I've pretty much made my decision to become a stripper but I just need more affirmation to forget my bf's doubts.


Hi, C! Thanks for your email! 

First of all, YOUR BOYFRIEND DOES NOT WANT YOU TO BECOME A STRIPPER. Nobody's boyfriend does. He just wants you to strip for HIM. Boys are possessive and jealous and waiting for them to approve of any choice you make is a waste of your precious time on this planet.

When he says shit like, "you're almost there," all he's doing is trying to make you feel insecure. 

When he says "you can't handle it," he means HE CAN'T HANDLE IT.

My advice to anyone who wants to do it is JUST FUCKING DO IT. 

If a grown-ass man can't handle you making your own grown-ass woman decisions, he isn't a grown-ass man. If your partner has the audacity to tell you you're not a good enough dancer, then he doesn't deserve your patience and compassion as he wades through this "new" and "uncomfortable" territory of you doing whatever the fuck you want with your own goddamn life

Also, if you've got a cheerleading background you're about to make BANK. Be sure to wear glitter and a curly ponytail and every man who didn't get to fuck one in high school is going to empty his wallet on you (SPOILER ALERT: a lot of rich men never got the cheerleader when they were in high school). 

MILK IT, GIRL. And good luck ;)