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"Do you feel like your rape created your career?" Broadly asks. 

I personally believe this is a profoundly shitty way to start an interview. 

Like, I'm mad about it. But Broadly's new, pretty fuckin' rad, and making their own sorts of waves so let's give them a pass and acknowledge that they have my attention. What's really important here is that we talk about Virginie Despentes. Because if you don't already know about her, you need to. If you're reading this blog, you need to read her book. 

I am part of her feminist cult following and of the demographic of women who say that King Kong Theory changed my life.

I've toted my copy of her book around me to all places I've lived for the past five years. Before I got my green card, I would stash all my cash within its yellowing pages. It's heavily underlined, littered with post-its, and I feel better about who I am and the dreams I'm chasing whenever I look at it. Okay, fine: It's my fucking bible.

Now I'll make my own polarizing statement:

When you read this book, you'll come to realize that that thing that happened to you that you don't like to think about was rape. (my readership is mostly adult and female. I don't know a single adult woman who hasn't experienced sexual assault. It's fucking horseshit). But Despentes is a sort of punk-rock saint who can walk you through it. She gives some really blunt, useful and amazing advice about how to acknowledge that it happened, how to come to terms with it, and how to move forward without trying to simply forget it (because you never will, anyway). 

Virginie Despentes is a feminist superhero and you need her in your head. Read this fucking book.