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GUYS WE F****D being f****d by iTunes


Whenever I want to talk smack about explicit and questionably offensive things and there's not a strip club in sight, I listen to Guys We Fucked. Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchison talk about my favorite subjects: sex, feelings and foreskin. I want to buy them lemon drop shots.

Upon their first-ever, on-air sighting of an uncircumcised penis, they said, "Oh my god! The sleeping bag part goes over the mushroom cap part!" 

And one of their guests in last week's podcast predicted his very honest and understandable behavior should he ever attempt a sex party: "I'd probably stand in the corner like a bastard and stare at my phone."

Fun fact: I went to my first and only sex party before iPhones ever existed. (1. I was very/too young 2. I am now old as shit.)  I stood in the corner like a bastard and stared. My quietly queer and supremely composed friend assured me, "Voyeruism is participation." I nursed a single PBR while some people fucked in a tent beside me. 

Guys We Fucked is way fun and way feminist. 

And like any sexually empowered, unabashedly vocal women in mainstream culture, they have recently been censored by iTunes. 

iTunes has not specified why, so let's chalk it up to #sexism, #patriarchy, and  #horseshit, yeah?

So pass on a tweet to @iTunesPodcasts and show your support for these dope-ass babes.