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Interview with i-D: "jacq the stripper is slutty, funny, and feminist"


So stoked to be featured on i-D about my funny, slutty feminism! 


Jacq The Stripper loves her job in computer programming (just kidding, she's a stripper). The bio on her blog, twitter, and Instagram - all of which are updated regularly from the frontlines of the New York strip clubs she works at - says: "I dance. Naked. For large (and occasionally insultingly modest) sums of money." Why? "I like looking ridiculously slutty, meeting strangers, having inappropriate discussions, and working 100 days a year."

The unapologetically feminist writer, stand-up comedian, and illustrator is lap dancing all the way to the bank, and calling out the cheapos and gropers she encounters along the way. Through candid accounts of strip club culture, Jacq is part of a new generation of sex(y) workers who are taking back the conversation around adult entertainment. While the sex industry can still be a deeply exploitative place for young women, Jacq follows in the footsteps of sex-positive activists such as former stripper Nina Hartley. With a rising comedy career and a memoir on the horizon, Jacq is fast becoming a major voice beyond the pole. We spoke to the former petting zoo face painter and Russian Lit university graduate about making art in a no-photography zone and why you should probably retire the term "exotic dancer."

Is the term "stripper" PC or derogatory?
I LOVE the term stripper. I think the term 'exotic dancing' is yet another sad attempt at calling our job something that it isn't. It's a term loaded with this put-upon shame! All 'exotic' does when you put that word in front of 'dancing' is ostracize us as dancers. We dance, sure. But we also morph into different characters, strip, pitch, sell and close. It's a hell of a lot more than just swaying my goddamn hips to some shitty music.

Something tells me you aren't so concerned about being PC.
I'd much rather be considered 'delightfully offensive.' What good would it do me as a stripper, writer and comedian to be politically correct? I'd be broke, surrounded by crickets. My ethos is slutty, funny and feminist. If being PC can't fit into this equation, I won't be devastated.

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