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A chat with Hunger Magazine


Hunger Magazine had some stripper questions about BANG! and feminism and I replied with a Prince reference, obviously: 

Why do you think people are so fascinated with the lives of strippers?

People love sex and they love entertainment. Strippers are sexy entertainers who get to work in dark rooms with aliases, secrets, money and plastic shoes. Plus there’s something intangible about women who literally put themselves on a pedestal to be worshipped, admired and consequently loathed and reviled. It’s confusing to the viewer because it’s so unacceptable and yet she’s standing there unflinchingly, dancing to “Purple Rain” like it was written for her. In order to survive, strippers can’t give a fuck. It’s a scientific fact that people who don’t give a fuck are fascinating.

Why do you think female strippers are so much more alluring than their male counterparts, or are they?

Male strippers are less alluring because a man doing whatever he wants with his body is not a topic of controversy. Men can do whatever they want. Plus, watching a man gyrate up against a woman in public is not new, surprising or exciting; it’s called riding the subway.

Do you think feminist values and stripping can co-exist?

Most sex workers are feminists. It’s the men who shamefully pay for it in private and then guiltily repent by publicly bashing it who are the problem. Stripping is about consenting adults having a good time for a nominal fee.

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