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OFF DUTY STRIPPER: The Uncensored Stripper


The Uncensored Stripper has been documenting her life and career with words and pictures for over twenty fucking years. Queen of the original hotel room selfie, she's got endless stories that she tells with a refreshing humility that keep me binge-reading her blog at regular weekly intervals. 

What came first, the photography or the stripping?

Stripping. I started dancing in 1992, I started shooting in 2004.

What was it like the day you picked up a camera with a more serious intention?

I’d always loved photography, but never studied it or considered it as a career...until I took some photos of a friend in 2004. I loved it, and received positive feedback, but it wasn’t until my first group show (where I sold my first piece), that I saw it as a significant part of me. I've since showed my work in numerous group shows, and two sold out solo shows.

Have you ever had a client let you photograph him? (I'm DYING to do this, but alas, don't have the courage to ask)

I've never asked! I thought about asking/taking pictures during a lap dance, but I'd need a flash, and that's a no-go.

What is your favourite thing to do off-duty?

Read. Drink with friends. Write. Take pictures. Have really good sex (when I can find it).

Where is your favourite place to people-watch?

The Rainbow Bar & Grill.

How has stripping affected your people-watching?

Sometimes I see women and think they should strip...the ones who clearly enjoy sexual attention. I mean, why give that shit away for free if you can turn a profit? But, generally speaking, it's never the girls you'd guess to be strippers/hookers when you see them in plain sight.

What is the most valuable skill you've learned from stripping?

That confidence is sexy, and most men will choose it/be attracted to it over a perfect body any day.

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