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Elle Stanger is a badass feminist megababe and I squealed in excitement when she asked to interview me. 

Then we got to talking about buttholes.

My life is now complete.

Like so many beautiful, strange, unattainable women, I found her on Instagram. Unlike so many women, "Jacq the Stripper" is a pole dancing, customer-hustling, writer, comedian, artist and all-around smart ass, and I liked her immediately.
Her doodles of brief customer or coworker quotes, named, "100 Days Of Pleasantries" caught me with its impressive ability to capture the pointless poignancy of so many strip club interactions.
In honor of her new book, "The Beaver Show", I caught up with Jacq the Stripper.
Photo by Zehava Winkler

Photo by Zehava Winkler

Who are you?
On the internet, I am Jacq the Stripper. In the club, I’m a number of other girl-next-door names that are generic and non-threatening. My real name is Jacqueline, although most people find that ‘uncomfortably formal’ and so they go with Jacq. I’m a stripper, illustrator, stand-up comic and writer. I just wrote a book. It’s called The Beaver Show, and it’s the crass and inspiring saga of my life as a traveling titty-shaker, and how stripping has made me a better, more compassionate and financially stable person. 
I FUCKING LOVE THAT. Stripping really helped pull me from my shell, too. How long have you been stripping?
I started five years ago in Sydney, Australia. It’s been a bit of a round-the-world jaunt since then. 
What are your coworkers like?
I wish they were better, man. I mean, my New York colleagues aren’t terrible. We are all very polite with each other. I have a handful of amazing girlfriends at the litany of clubs I’ve worked over the years, but we all know not to be too trusting of anyone, especially not right away. And since I’m such a fleeting figure in most places I work, I tend to make curious acquaintances, but we rarely keep in touch. This bums me out, as there is nothing better than going to work where your fellow strippers and management are like family. I’ve worked at clubs where it felt like home and that was a really special time in my life. But having friends at work also made me lazy. I would rather hang out with them and talk shit in the dressing room instead of hustling.
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