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Photo: Andy Boyle

Photo: Andy Boyle

Interview with Jordan Mack / Photography by Andy Boyle

"When most people think of a classic ‘New York City stripper,’ the last thing they imagine is a bright, blonde-haired, Canadian girl with  a penchant for the absurd – but that’s exactly what they get with Jacqueline Frances. Jacqueline, or ‘Jacq the Stripper‘, is a quick-witted and bubbly girl. She’s putting a happy face on the stripper narrative, which is traditionally framed as a depressing story of girls forced into the work. After ‘outing’ her career to the rest of the world, Frances has brought some humor to the profession in her book The Beaver Show, a memoir on her time dancing – the ups, the downs, and the bizarre (such as ‘Jim,’ her first ever client, who immediately admitted to having a poop fetish). Jacq comes across as the kind of girl that can relate to you about everything – and maybe that’s what makes her so good at her job.

Last night, the Milk Jam Room held a party for Jacq’s book debut. It was all about the girls, and it featured the best strip show we’ve ever seen. The drinks were flowing even before clothes even started flying off, with a stripper’s delight of vodka sodas, champagne, and lemon drops for those of us that like a little more zing. Once Jacq rolled up, things got really wild. Retelling (and performing) some of her stories with hilarity and a bit of sass, all eyes were on her as she introduced burlesque babe Valerie Stunning. When we complimented Valerie’s outfit, she replied, “Just wait ’til I take it off.”

We sat down with Jacq, the dancer/author/comedian, to talk about Australia’s obsession with cheap steak, her wildest persona — it’s based off of a canine astronaut — and of course, why the danker the titty bar, the better."

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Photo: Andy Boyle 

Photo: Andy Boyle