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Supreme tweeter and cofounder of Tits and Sass, Off Duty Stripper Susan Shepard clearly knows how to maximize her time when she's not unpacking the existential dilemma of how to stripper. (SPOILER ALERT! It's an occasional question of how to wiggle, but mostly a simple matter of getting off that bar stool.) 

Susan wears the Off Duty Stripper T in grey, size medium. Photo by @katsnacks 

Susan wears the Off Duty Stripper T in grey, size medium. Photo by @katsnacks 

What's your first memory of being a performer?

Singing "On The Road Again" to my parents and their friends, all of whom were lit up on Pearl Beer at a barbecue when I was four or five years old. Or my first memory of stripping? My first stage set, wiggling out of the shortest party dress I owned to the Revolting Cocks version of "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" and trying to figure out how to stripper.

What's the most valuable skill you've learned from stripping?

I think I had all the really valuable ones before I started stripping, but it definitely honed my bullshit detector. It also makes you good at asking for money.

Does your cat have a stage name? 

My dearly departed Fang had a lot of them.

Do you have any getting amped / wind down rituals? 

 I do not get amped up. I slink into the club heavy with resignation and read Twitter on my phone and smoke until I absolutely have to go on stage/talk to customers. After work I eat the hot meal my loving husband has prepared for me while either texting recaps with friends or reading Twitter on my phone.

Favourite way to spend time off duty?

Reading or soaking or eating. I enjoy quiet pastimes that feel good. When we took these pictures, we'd hit three hot springs in three days while spending our nights in a beautiful mountain town with good restaurants, and it was just about a perfect vacation. We also did some thrift shopping and spent an hour going through the old Playboys (like, a thousand of them) at an adult shop.


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