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Stripper Notes keeps the internet fresh with quippy tweets and insightful stories about the most absurd job we all love so fucking much. 

Stripper Notes wears the OFF DUTY STRIPPER T in white, size small.

Stripper Notes wears the OFF DUTY STRIPPER T in white, size small.


Job description:

I shake dat ass for ca$h.


What do you love about your job?

Pretty much everything… stripping is near perfect for me. I love how physical it is, even if my body aches from the long, labor-intensive hours. I'm nosey by nature, so being able to talk to people candidly about their lives, who they are, and what they’re into is interesting to me. I love creating and managing my own financial future, and the freedom that brings. And I love being surrounded by women!


Best place to dance?

The best place to dance is wherever I make the most money! I loved working in Vegas, but after 4 years, I got burnt out.


Weirdest compliment you've ever received?

I never realized calves were such a ‘thing,’ but I get compliments on them a lot more than I would think would be normal for calf-compliments.


Favourite way to spend time when you're off duty?

I want to work in the entertainment industry, so everyday I do something that contributes to my professional development. I watch a bunch of TV… right now I”m hooked on South Park and Scandal!


Are there any skills from stripping that you think are going to help you get there?

YYYEEESSS. I'm very likable, which I attribute mostly to an important skill I’ve developed since becoming a stripper. For this job, you have to learn how to be appealing to as many people as possible. I've learned how to talk to almost anyone, how to deal with the public's intolerance/ignorance/stereotypes, how to make people believe I like them (even when I really don’t), and how to say no.


What's the most valuable lesson you've learned from stripping?

Be proactive. No one is going to do anything for you, especially if you don’t show passion and determination.


One thing you could change to improve working conditions?

Just one?! Well, I think I would put a cap on how much a club could take of a dancers earnings and/or eliminate mandatory tip outs. Out here in Southern California, from what I've heard, nude clubs take as much as 20% from dances and still expect a tip, which is inherently exploitative. I think tipping a bouncer, DJ or manager should be just that, a tip.


Best and Worst Stage names?

My favorite names are usually the extra basic ones like Lindsey, Desiree... Val. Sometimes I want to have fun with the name game and go with “Electronica.” The worst ones I've ever heard were in “Vegas!” “Miss Michigan,” and “Party.”


Does having a basic name make you more comfortable?

It's less about comfort and more about avoiding a stupid conversation. Customers love to think that they're "in the know" by asking what my 'real' name is. Like all of a sudden I'm going to be like, "OH GOSH! You got me, I'm just a lowly stripper and you know all my secrets. I’d better tell you my birth name.” What a joke!  Ugh, get the fuck out of here with that.

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