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OFF DUTY STRIPPER: Valerie Stunning


Las Vegas resident and New Jersey native, Valerie Stunning is a globe-trotting striptease artist who can stitch the finest strand of Swarovski crystals with one hand while nursing a scotch and soda in the other. "Living the dream, one panty drop at a time," pretty much sums up her glittery ambition and refreshing sense of humor. On a recent visit back to the east coast, we sat in the park, crushed a bottle of Malbec and talked shop: 

Favourite city to dance?

Sydney, because the clubs I worked there ticked every item of the list:

*consistently good money

*decent management

*flexible scheduling

*loose dress code

*no contact (and customer's totally respected that for the most part)

*and most importantly - SHOWER SHOWS

(Editors note: Shower shows are the most thrilling way to waste water and make money. I wish more clubs offered this gimmick)

What do you love about your job?

I love cracking "the code" of what stripper fantasy people are seeking, because once you've done that, cha-ching!

How to you like to spend your time when you're off duty?

I'm currently addicted to these deep stretching/contortion classes I've been taking. My goal is to be able to sit on my head.

Best songs to dance to on duty and off duty?

On duty: cover of 'Lollipop' by Framing Hanley

Off duty: 'All She Wants To Do Is Dance' by Don Henley

A valuable lesson learned since you donned your first pair of plastic platforms?

How to ask for money like a man. Once you successfully demand X amount and receive it, you'll never be passive about how much money you deserve ever again. It's powerful shit. 


Valerie, you're rad as hell. Thank you for being our first OFF DUTY STRIPPER.


To catch a glimpse of her brilliant costumes and tour schedule, follow her on Instagram @ValerieStunning, and click here: